PARK Health Spa Hotel

PARK Health Spa Hotel**** is a non-state owned health centre. Its goal is to provide the best for everyone’s health, body and mind focusing on:

  • detoxification, regeneration and immunity fortification
  • prevention and treatment of the heart and circulatory system
  • weight reduction
  • treatment of locomotive apparatus pain
  • convalescence after invasive surgery and chemotherapy

PARK Health Spa Hotel**** is located in the pedestrian zone of the colonnade in the centre of the spa’s park in a beautiful and calm spa town of Poděbrady about 50 km to the east of Prague.
The unique location of the PARK Health Spa Hotel **** ensures an ideal opportunity for regeneration and relaxation. It is a modern building with wheelchair access of “first class” standard. All therapy procedure is inside the hotel building.

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Ayurveda in the spa hotel Park Ayurveda in the spa hotel Park Ayurveda in the spa hotel Park Ayurveda in the spa hotel Park

Detoxification and regeneration of the organism is the road to a healthier, more active and longer life. At our spa facility we offer therapy treatment according to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine - the oldest holistic system of medicine attested throughout the centuries and recognized by the World Health Organization. An Indian Ayurvedic doctor along with Indian Ayurvedic therapists are in charge of Ayurvedic therapy at our spa centre which also includes Ayurvedic natural products and an Ayurvedic diet.

Apart from Ayurvedic therapies we also offer traditional and wellness therapies for organism detoxification, for relaxation, and for strengthening the heart and circulatory system. A competent team of therapists, headed by qualified and experienced doctors, make use of the natural resource of local healing mineral waters, modern equipment and who work with the highest degree of professionalism and ethics.


Spa of Podebrady

Spa of Podebrady

On the shore of the river Elbe about 50 kilometers from Prague is located a small spa town of Podebrady. The most known attraction of this middle-bohemian town is the Spa of Podebrady. This spa attracts thousands of visitors, patients and holidaymakers every year.

The most important year of the Spa Podebrady history is the year 1905. This year a spring of mineral water was found at the castle. Local mineral water has a lot of iron and its curable results are confirmed by the visitors and local inhabitants. Here starts a great history of Spa of Podebrady and so as the years passed it has become an important centre of spa in the Czech Republic.

Spa of Podebrady is specialized on the treatment of inborn and acquired illnesses of the circulatory, digestive, and movement apparatus system. The spa centre is hidden in the green maintained parks. The environment of the spa offers placidity for treatment, opportunity for romantic walks and sport activities for everyone. For every visitor of Spa of Podebrady there is a qualified and professional aid, culture and social events, and many sport opportunities.

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Tips for trips

River boat trips

River boat trips

on the “Král Jiří” (King George) pleasure boat; adult fare 130,-Kč, senior citizens and students 110,-Kč, children 65,-Kč.On trips to the Cidlina the boat stops at the Elbe-Cidlina conflux so that it is possible to get on or off there. On trips to Nymburk there are no stops, it is a round trip - the boat turns at Kovanice and sails back to Podebrady. The trips operate only if there are at least 10 passengers on the boat.

Cycling or in-line skating

Cycling or in-line skating

can be enjoyed along both banks of the Elbe river on lovely new asphalt-surface cycle paths. The section from the lock to the point where the rivers Elbe and Cidlina join is 4 km long and then carries on further to Libice nad Cidlinou and to the Slavniks Memorial some 2.5 km away. This route is along the right bank of the Elbe and it is a part of the 250-km long “Labska” cycle path stretching from the source of the Elbe in the Krkonose mountains (Giant mountains) to the Elbe-Vltava conflux in Melnik