1/ ABHYANGAM (60 min.) 590,- Kč

Full body massage to rejuvenate and stimulate the body prior to other therapies. The massage stimulates the blood and lymph flow, respiratory system, improves mobility and strengthens and calms the central nervous system, strengthens the immune system, reduces tiredness, stimulates sleep and digestion, reduces the level of stress hormones, triggers self-healing and self-cleansing processes in the body by stimulating circulation which carries in nourishment to cells and flushes out toxins and impurities. Makes the skin more supple and prevents early ageing. Strengthens muscles, tissues and joints and makes them supple.

2/ JAMBEERA PINDA SWEDAM (60 min.) 590,- Kč

Full body massage using warm sachets filled with lemons and herbs. It treats backache, muscular spasms, Hemiparesis (paralysis of one half of the body), rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders affecting limbs, frozen shoulder, reduces swellings, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of varicose veins.


Full body massage using warm rice pouches filled with herbs beneficial as treatment of all kinds of disorders of the nervous system, chronic rheumatism, limb paralysis, joint pains, swelling and stiffness of joints, bone problems, painful and stiff muscles. It improves blood circulation, stimulates appetite and digestion. The massage is pleasantly warming, releases and flushes out toxins, reduces swellings, strengthens the immune system and softens the skin.

4/ KULATHA PINDA SWEDAM (60 min.) 590,- Kč

Treatment using warm pouches filled with a special mixture of cereals and herbs intended above all to treat rheumatism, painful, inflamed and stiff joints, to loosen muscles, to improve blood circulation, to improve mobility and flexibility.

5/ SHIROBHYANGAM (head, neck and shoulder massage) (30 min.) 390,- Kč

A calming massage of the head, neck and shoulders. It loosens the muscles and nerve fibres, reduces tension, relieves headaches, improves the blood circulation, flushes accumulated toxins out of the body, stimulates the growth of strong silky hair, aids healthy sleep.

6/ MUKABHYANGAM (face massage) (30 min.) 390,- Kč

This massage of the face and the neck stimulates deep brain centres, reflex points, energy meridians, and stimulates the blood circulation in the face as well as the lymph flow. It relaxes the nervous system. The massage loosens tension in the neck, shoulders and the face and balances the level of energy between the head and legs. With age, the facial muscle tissues weaken and become sluggish in the mouth and eye areas and wrinkles appear on the forehead. A face massage helps to prevent these signs of ageing because it improves the blood circulation and the suppleness of muscles and has a positive impact on the state of mind.

7/ PADABHYANGAM (leg massage) (30 min.) 390,- Kč

A relaxing leg massage using warm vegetable oil. The massage revitalises tired legs as well as the whole body, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces swelling, prevents varicose veins. Active sportsmen can use this massage to warm up their muscles before sport or afterwards to loosen muscular tension or cramps.

8/ PADAVAGAHA (foot massage) (30 min.) 390,- Kč

Reflex foot massage. This massage has regenerative benefits and impacts positively on the function of individual internal organs by the stimulation of their end nerve points. Harmonizes body and mind, combats fatigue and improves metabolism. We recommend a course of these massage.

9/ SHIRODHARA (60 min.) 690,- Kč

A cleansing technique during which the nervous system is extensively relaxed. This is a very effective relaxation technique. In Ayurveda this method is considered one of the rejuvenating and cleansing treatments used to remove the causes of many diseases. Toxins accumulated in the body are flushed out and at the same time tissues are nourished. Shirodhara strengthens the body and prolongs life. It provides the ideal supply of nourishment for body and mind. Shirodhara’s healing method is excellent in the treatment of some 80 diseases, as for example those of the throat, eyes, ears; in the treatment of migraine and headaches; it helps to improve the memory, stimulates blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, calms down the whole body. It helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, it lifts anxiety and fear and it is one of the most efficient methods used to relax tension and remove stress, it helps against insomnia, it lowers cholesterol; it is excellent for rheumatism , neck pains, asthma, diabetes, stomach ulcers, enlarged prostate; revitalises the skin, nourishes hair, boosts hair growth, slows down greying of hair, and relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body and slows down the process of ageing. In this ancient healing method warm healing oil, containing herbs, mixed precisely according to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, trickles slowly from a special vessel on to the forehead.

10/ THAKRADHARA (60 min.) 690,- Kč

Just like Shirodhara this, too, is a very effective healing and relaxation technique. It uses instead of herbal oil a mixture of buttermilk and herbs. The therapy is intended above all against headaches and migraines, for the treatment of insomnia, stress, psoriasis; and it is excellent for the scalp and boosts hair growth.

11/ NASYAM (50 min.) 530,- Kč

A treatment in which a mixture of herbal oils is inserted into the nostrils. Nostrils provide direct access to the brain centre and thus Nasyam is a very effective way of cleansing and revitalising brain cells. Nasyam is excellent for headaches and migraines, sinus inflammation, eye and ear problems, throat inflammation, windpipe problems, toothache, stiff jaw or neck, paralysis of body or face, unconsciousness, numbness, insomnia, hysteria, sexual problems, speech problems and it also improves vision.

12/ KARNA POORANA (30 min.) 490,- Kč

A treatment in which herbal oil is inserted into ears. This therapy is suitable above all for treatment of vertigo and dizziness, tinnitus, and also pains in lower limbs.

13/ EAR CANDLE (30 min.) 470,- Kč

These are cotton tubes saturated with a mixture of bees wax and paraffin. The heat generated by the burning of the candle softens the accumulated ear wax in the acoustic duct and the resulting depression, like in the stack effect, draws it out. At the same time the pressure is balanced in the entire head and neck area via the Eustachian tube. The heat also impacts positively on blocked flows of energy in meridians. Meridians are energy routes which carry and distribute vital energy throughout the body. The candle warmth heats also the micro-system of the ear lobe and thus stimulates reflex zones helping to treat head colds. It also regulates the lymphatic draining cleansing process in the ear. The ear candle is excellent for earache, headaches, migraines, feelings of pressure in the ears and head, tinnitus, itchiness inside the ear, head colds, smell problems, tonsillitis, stress, poor blood circulation in the ear; it helps to boost energy flow and to improve the immune system

14/ MOXIBUSTION (40 min.) 495,- Kč

The radiant deep heat from young moxa plant flowers frees acupuncture paths and stimulates acupuncture points and this results in a balance in the vital energy flow, and thus aids the body’s ability to heal itself and defend itself against harmful substances. It has a strong toning effect on the body and boosts its ability to fight off exhaustion and chronic problems.

15/ CHAKRA VASTI (45 min.) 540,- Kč

It improves the digestive system; it is excellent against constipation, digestive problems, flatulence, lack of appetite, stomach pains, colon irritation, heartburn, and stomach ulcers. It helps to release deeply- seated emotions, anxiety, depression. It improves problems to do with the cold hands and cold feet syndromes. It helps to unblock the point of the 3rd chakra, that is the point where 72000 of vital energy flow channels meet.

16/ GREEVA VASTI (45 min.) 540,- Kč / GREEVA VASTI + massage (60 min.) 590,- Kč

It is intended to treat stiff neck, inflammation of cervical vertebras, paralysis, reduced sensitivity or the sensation of pins and needles in hands, headaches, vertigo, shouder pains; it stimulates and nourishes the nervous system. The herbal oil used cleanses and enriches blood; builds up muscles and connective tissues and lubricates joints.

17/ KATI VASTI (45 min.) 540,- Kč / KATI VASTI + massage (60 min.) 590,- Kč

A treatment to reduce pains in the shoulders and the small of the back, degenerative spinal changes, compressed discs and osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and hip pains, and sciatica, vertebra inflammation. It is also excellent for stiffness and rheumatism. The herbal oil used also improves blood circulation in muscles, cleanses the blood and lubricates joints.

18/ URO VASTI (45 min.) 540,- Kč

This is intended for those with heart problems, blood circulation problems, with ischemic heart disorders. The herbal oil used stimulates the heart muscle pumping function, regulates blood pressure. It is also excellent for asthma and respiratory system disorders, frozen shoulder. It unblocks the 4th heart chakra and thus impacts positively on the lungs and the respiratory system, the heart and blood circulation, the immune system, lymphatic glands and thymus. The therapy reduces stress and depression, releases emotions of sadness and anger.

19/ JANU VASTI (45 min.) 540,- Kč / JANU VASTI + massage (60 min.) 590,- Kč

This is excellent for painful and creaking joints, for muscle relaxation, improvement of blood circulation in this area, improvement of mobility, flexibility, and for osteoarthritis.

20/ VASTI (colon cleansing) (30 min.) 490,- Kč

This is intended to cleanse the colon mucous membrane of waste substances. This is done by application of warm oil with herbs into the colon. The therapy flushes out toxic waste substances, cleanses the wall membrane to stimulate a better absorption of nutrients, it stimulates and improves the circulatory system, the immune and skeletal system, nerves, muscles, glands; it helps weight loss and introduces the feeling of vitality, health and wellbeing.

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