Wellness therapies

1/ Magic Hot Stones – lava stones massage (60 min.) 595,- Kč

This massage using warm lava stones perfectly relaxes body and mind, helps to remove back and neck pains; removes stress and tension, improves sleep, establishes a feeling of wellbeing of the body and mind, improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, takes oxygen to tissues and aids body detoxification. The therapy helps leg oedema,and cellulite. The therapy improves energy levels.

2/ Lomi Lomi massage – Hawaiian massage (60 min.) 595,- Kč

This traditional intensive massage from Hawaii is based on rhythmic techniques using not only fingers and palms but also forearms and elbows. It stimulates blood circulation and the lymph flow system, removes muscular pain, fatigue and tension, improves joint mobility and aids body detoxification This therapy will give you a taste of total relaxation. This technique is called the pearl amongst massages.

3/ Reconditioning massage (45 min.) 490,- Kč

This is an intensive full body massage. The therapy is intended to improve physical condition. The massage focuses above all on muscles of the most strained parts of the body. It is effective against physical and mental fatigue, for mobility regeneration, aid regeneration of muscles and tissues, loosens muscular stiffness, improves flow of blood in skin and hypodermis and thus improves supply of nourishment and oxygen to these tissues by which slows down the appearance of signs of ageing, stimulates blood circulation, prevents swelling and aids heart function.

4/ Honey massage (45 min.) 510,- Kč

This massage flushes out toxins well, cleanses pores and aids blood circulation to the skin. The therapy is carried out only on the back. Honey is massaged in, using a special technique, and through tension and suction harmful substances are drawn out of the body. The honey massage, by the so-called pumping, removes from the body toxins – poisons which accumulate deep down in tissues in the spinal area. Toxins cause a weakening of the body and this results in various diseases. The massage, because of its detoxification properties, cleanses the whole body of sediments accumulated with time from the environment, food and medication. The honey massage aids the revitalisation of a body exhausted by stress and unhealthy lifestyle, helps to slow skin ageing. It helps with insomnia problems, headaches and digestive problems. We recommend it for those with joint pains or rheumatism. The healing power of honey through the skin has a direct positive impact on the body.

5/ Full body detoxification massage (45 min.) 490,- Kč

This is a massage with warm herbal oils which draw out toxins well and nourish cells. The massage is based on the healing theory of internal energy routes via which the body is supplied with vital energy. By gentle pressure on energy centres and pulling, the energy is set in motion through the entire body. The massage also activates neuro-lymphatic points which stimulate lymph flow and thus activate body organs.

6/ Aroma massage (45 min.) 490,- Kč

A relaxing full body massage with natural herbal oils inducing muscular and psychological relaxation, it helps to remove stress, fatigue and strengthens body regeneration. It removes inertia, stiffness, muscle wasting and pains, encourages relaxation and has a calming effect on excess mental and physical strain.

7/ Reflex foot massage (30 min.) 380,- Kč

On our feet there are points which, by nerve reflexes, are linked to a certain part of the body or a certain organ. Thus each part of the body has its own miniature image on our feet. Each reflex point represents an end point of a reflex (nervous) route, which starts for example in the brain, goes through the given organ and ends on our feet. A reflex foot massage helps to remove blocks in reflex routes and thus improves the function of individual organs. It is carried out by inserting pressure to reflex points on feet. By indentifying painful spots it is possible to assess the state of health. The applied pressure and rubbing of reflex points affects muscles, joints and internal organs.

8/ Correction of neck and lumbar vertebras intirectly via reflex foot massage. (30 min.) 390,- Kč

9/ Peeling + foot massage with Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and vitamin E (45 min.) 495,- Kč

Dead Sea salt removes dead cells and renews the skin structure; vitamin E is an antioxidant which aids the natural renewal of the skin, coconut oil thoroughly hydrates the skin. Dead cells are removed and this smoothes rough skin. Massaging of reflex points on feet and indirect correction of neck and lumbar areas of the spine is also a part of the treatment. The foot massage improves metabolism, positively impacts on the function of internal organs, relaxes the lymphatic system, body detoxification takes place, leg swelling problems are removed; it helps against cellulite, headaches. It impacts positively on problems associated with diabetes, blood circulation problems, multiple sclerosis, eye problems and so on.

10/ Face micro-massage (30 min.) 390,- Kč

This is a gentle relaxing massage which helps to reduce wrinkles, eye puffiness, dark under-eye circles. The massage lowers the pressure in the eye and this improves the eyesight and, it also clears sinuses. The micro-massage helps flush out toxins by drawing them into the lymph flow routes, stimulates renewal of cells, prevents the lost of skin moisture. It is excellent for headaches and eye watering.

11/ Lymphatic massage – mechanical using the Lymfoven machine (30 min.) 480,- Kč

The aim of the lymphatic massage is to improve the lymph flow system and to speed up the lymph flow from the hypodermis back into the blood circulation. Improvement of the lymph flow strengthens the immune system, stimulates body detoxification, improves the lymph and blood vessel systems. The massage is also beneficial for the prevention and treatment of varicose and weak veins, for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, to aid weight loss, limb swellings, muscle pains, heavy and tired legs, as well as the revitalisation of sportsmen after exercise and those in jobs which put a heavy strain on lower limbs, and it generally aids body relaxation and regeneration.

12/ Lymphatic massage – manual

It is a detoxification massage which speeds up metabolism and the flushing out of harmful substances and toxins from the body. This is a special massage technique which improves the immune system, reduces leg swelling, cellulite, varicose veins; it is beneficial for rheumatism , period pains, migraine; helps in body detoxification and regeneration, improves the function of the lymph flow and blood circulation systems. To get the maximum benefit, 10 such treatment sessions are recommended. After a lymphatic massage 80% of people feel more tired thanks to the triggering of the detoxification process. In some cases, on the other hand, the speeded up lymph flow and metabolism adds more energy, strength and optimism.

  • Front of the neck + lower limbs (60 min.) 590,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + lower limbs + lumbar (90 min.) 890,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + upper limbs (45 min.) 480,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + upper limbs + chest (75 min.) 740,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + back of the neck + face (75 min.) 740,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + back of the neck + back (60 min.) 590,- Kč
  • Front of the neck + upper limbs + lower limbs + face (120 min.) 1 100,- Kč
  • Full lymph drainage (180 min.) 1 725,- Kč

13/ Cupping– local application / massage (45 min.) 520,- Kč

This is a traditional Chinese medicine method which relaxes muscles, reduces joint pains, reduces internal problems, improves blood circulation and literally supplies the body with more energy. The cupping treatment involves placing small glass cups with heated air inside on areas of the back and the neck where through suction and negative pressure the massage cupping improves metabolism not only in the areas being treated but also in areas further away from them; it also improves the immune system. Internal organ problems often manifest themselves by painful and sensitive areas on the back. This is caused by accumulated harmful substances under the skin or deeper down in muscles. Such affected tissue areas, created as a result of a malfunctioning internal organ, then become a problem area it their own right and their original link to internal problems is often forgotten. We then speak about backache and thus treatment for spinal problems is given. The cupping therapy improves blood circulation in those sensitive areas and flushes out harmful substances and this reduces backaches and improves the functioning of the relevant organ, the real cause of the problem.

14/ Chocolate massage of the face and decollage (45 min.) 795,- Kč

This massage relaxes above all the central nervous system. On the face there is a huge number of nerve receptors and thus the massage affects not only the nervous system but the whole body. It is excellent for flushing out toxins from the body. It reduces wrinkles, increases the level of happiness hormones, nourishes and revives the skin, acts against depression and stress. It activates cell renewal and slows down ageing of the skin. The RNA acid is excellent for skin regeneration. It stimulates the natural metabolic process, hydrates and smoothes the skin. After the therapy the skin feels smooth, tightened and well hydrated.

15/ Chocolate massage and chocolate wrap (90 min.) 1450,- Kč

This is an exclusive body treatment which affects all senses, it slows down the process of ageing, helps body detoxification and improves the mood. The chocolate massage is excellent for smoothing and toning the skin, flushing out of toxic substances, relaxing stiff muscles; it improves the heart function, it also improves mood. Revives, nourishes and hydrates the skin, increases the level of happiness hormones (endorhpins and serotonin). After the application of chocolate, within a few minutes, wrinkles are reduced, dry skin is removed and skin suppleness improves. The chocolate helps to reduce striae and it is excellent against cellulite. The therapy uses 100% chocolate full of minerals, co-enzymes and antioxidants, virgin coconut oil, which hydrates and softens the skin and it is rich in antioxidants which help the body to deal with free radicals, and thus slows down the ageing process and stimulates natural cell regeneration.

16/ Gentle exfoliation with Dead Sea salt (30 min.) 440,- Kč

The Dead Sea salt mixed with coconut oil and vitamin E removes dead cells and regenerates the skin structure. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, it helps natural skin regeneration; coconut oil hydrates the skin. The exfoliation removes dead cells, improves skin structure, improves blood circulation and it is excellent against cellulite. Crystals of magnesium and potassium salts improve metabolism of skin cells and are the basis for the synthesis of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. They detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. After the treatment the skin will be soft and smooth.

17/ Hydromassage (30 min.+ 20 min.) 590,- Kč

It combines the benefit of a bath and a massage. It improves the blood supply to the skin, relaxes the muscles, improves joint movement and stimulates the lymphatic system. It is excellent for mental relaxation.

18/ Natural CO2 mineral water bath (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

The bath is in natural healing water with high CO2 content and a temperature of 34°C. The initial feeling of chill disappears as soon as the body is wrapped in a warming film of CO2 bubbles. The skin absorbs CO2 and this improves its blood supply and it is excellent for the body above all for the cardio-vascular system (lowers blood pressure; by a better blood supply it provides nourishment and oxygen to all tissues, above all to nerve cells, stimulates the lymph system, helps flush out of harmful substances from the body

19/ Herbal whirl baths (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

They positively impact on the function of the central nervous system and weakened organs, not only by the dissolved herbal extract but also by the therapeutic properties of their aromas; they warm and relax muscles, stimulate the body, protect against infection, kill gems. The bath before a massage relaxes and warms up muscles and after a massage it is excellent for deeper relaxation.

20/ Magnesium bath (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

„Live“ magnesium salt is dissolved in water. The dominant element of this salt is magnesium which regulates heart function and muscle contraction, protect nerves; it is known as an anti-stress ion, it helps the body to utilise vitamins C and E; prevents the deposits of calcium forming in kidneys and gall bladder. Typical syndromes of magnesium deficiency are: cramps in calves and thighs, dull pain in the head, vertigo, lack of concentration. In many cases also heart, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and skin problems.

21/ Iodine-bromine bath (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

The highly mineral thermal iodine-bromine salt has the highest content of minerals such as iodine, bromine, silicon and selenium. It has an all-round healing and beneficial impact on the human body. It is recommended against pains in joint, muscles, spine; it helps to relieve pain after accidents, bruising and broken bones, suffusions; also lowers high pressure, it is excellent against rheumatic problems, arthritis, the Bechterev disease, respiratory problems (chronic respiratory inflammation, asthma, bronchitis) gynaecological problems, ovarian and uterine inflammation, hot flashes, incontinence, urological problems, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne, atopic dermatitis, sweating, body odour , cellulite), sleep problems, iodine insufficiency, fatigue, stress, sweaty feet. It improves tissue nourishment and vascular system function.

22/ Dead Sea salt bath (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

Besides the basic and those minerals in highest concentration such as magnesium, calcium, bromine, potassium, Dead Sea water contains 22 other minerals and trace elements which are very beneficial for skin nourishment and activation of the circulatory system, reduction of rheumatic and metabolic problems, it is excellent against eczema, psoriasis, acne, allergies, it simulates cell rejuvenation, also excellent against chronic backache, mobility problems, muscle fatigue and stimulates relaxation.

23/ Beer bath (20 min + 20 min.) 490,- Kč

The beer bath combines the benefits of live beer cultures, vitamins, herbal extract and spring mineral water. The bath helps to harmonise body functions. It is very beneficial for the immune system and the vascular system. It warms up the skin and opens pores, through which during slight sweating harmful substances are flushed out of the skin. The most important element of the bath is the live cultures of brewery yeast which aid skin regeneration, supply the necessary vitamins, above all those from the vitamin group B, sugars and proteins. The bath is very effective for skin problems (psoriasis, acne, cellulite) chronic joint and muscle pains and problems of the nervous system (stress, anxiety), it aids relaxation, it is excellent for hair and skin health. Thanks to the herbs, hops and the CO2 mineral water the skin gets well supplied with blood. To increase the benefit of the bath and to increase the feeling of relaxation, a glass of beer is served. During the subsequent relaxation on a bed, herbs and vitamin B continue to be absorbed by the skin and thus increase further the bath benefit.

24/ Whey bath (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

Whey contains many high quality proteins and soluble vitamins B1,B2,B6,B12,E,C and lactose. It also contains minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium and zinc. The whey bath is beneficial for the skin, it regulates its pH and stabilises natural skin barrier, smoothes wrinkles and gently cleanses the skin.

25/ Relaxation bath with shea, cocoa butter and herbs (20 min + 20 min.) 395,- Kč

A pleasantly feeling of relaxation is evoked by this bath. It is excellent for the skin, it smoothes and nourishes the skin. It is also excellent against cellulite.

26/ Dry CO2 bath (60 min.) 490,- Kč

It increases the blood flow to the skin and body, provides nourishment and oxygen to all tissues, above all to nerve cells and the brain, stimulates the lymph system and helps flush out harmful substances from the body via blood circulation and lymph vessels; removes salts, fat and toxins from problem areas of the skin; it has a healing, anti-inflammatory, and revitalising effect, eases fatigue, renews skin elasticity and suppleness; it improves brain function, memory and concentration.

27/ Dead Sea mud wraps and foot massage (45 min.) 580,- Kč

The mud wrap contains a unique combination of algae and mud extract. The Dead Sea mud is very rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, sulphates and bromides) which detoxify and rejuvenate the skin and absorb fat well, stimulate blood circulation, close pores, revive and revitalise the skin and are excellent for rheumatic and other joint pains

28/ Facial mask with Dead Sea mud and algae (40 min) 490,- Kč

This unique mixture forms a mud mask which improves the skin structure and accelerates cell renewal. The mask at the same time detoxifies and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.

29/ Anti-Cellulite wrap – legs front and back (45 min) 490,- Kč

This is a natural mask made from algae extracts and natural salts and minerals. These ingredients stimulate the blood and lymph circulation, remove waste substances from the body, help break down fat cells. The skin is then cleaner and softer.

30/ Inhalation (20 min.) 240,- Kč

This is inhalation of an aerosol solution of tepid mineral water enriched with medicaments, salts or herbal extracts. During inhalation the mucous membrane of the respiratory system is moistened and this helps coughing, helps clear sinuses, bronchia and lungs. It is excellent for any chronic respiratory problems.

31/ Face massage + Laser gel mask (45 min.) 690,- Kč

This is a massage for a special stimulation of the skin in the eye area, to prevent mimic wrinkles and puffiness. It calms, refreshes, regenerates and removes dark under-eye circles. A bio-stimulating laser together with a new generation of gel stimulates cell activity, accelerates their renewal and thus rejuvenates the skin, heals inflammations and infections. It is also excellent against acne and other skin problems.

32/ Laser gel mask (approx 30 min.) 490,- Kč

This is a highly hydrating mask, which thanks to its unique composition on the basis of hydrogen carbonate anions presents a revolutionary approach to skin care. Hydrogen carbonate anions by the bio-stimulating laser transform, in a chemical reaction into free carbon dioxide. Its micro-particles come out of pores into the skin barrier part which helps considerably its intensive deep cleansing. When in contact with the skin, carbon dioxide creates the so-called „micro-greenhouse effect“ which warms up the surface tissues, increases cell metabolism, stimulates the renewal of cells, heals small scars, regenerates the skin. The mask also reduces skin muscle tension, the reason for wrinkles.

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